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Dated: October 31 2019

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If you have been reading my blog or following the news you know Grand Rapids, Michigan continues to be limited inventory as we have about 3 months inventory – however, the month of October was possibly historic! Per GRAR –

“The number of units sold (closed sales) through the end of October is ahead of last year by 12.3% and volume is up by 21.5%! The average sale price continues to climb and is now at $178,460 (last year at this time it was $165,051). Inventory remains our biggest challenge with only a 2.7 month supply”.

This is awesome news but can lead to some not so awesome decisions.  Even with this report you still must price right to be part of this bandwagon. However, price is not the only concern.  I am finding many homeowners are wanting to list their home and not do anything or very little to the home to prepare for the listing.

I can tell you 2 things have not changed in all my years of selling Real Estate – Pretty sells and location.

As we can not change your location but we can fix pretty.  That is why The Gordon Group offers to stage with all of their listings.  As we feel it is so important we gift this to you. It’s important to have a 2nd pair of eyes to tell you what needs to be done – as when we stage it’s not what we think is pretty – it’s what we know sells.

I still find homes sitting – not sold in this market – maybe it’s price – but it could be it needs to be staged.

I get this question a lot after suggesting some upgrades or changes – “how much will this cost and how much of a return on my investment will I get” My answer is;  it’s not always what you will get back in dollars but making the home desirable is priceless. It may keep you from being the bridesmaid. And in the long run, you make more money as you did not have to reduce the price to “overcome”.  

If you are not listing till spring – we would like to get started with you now, however The Grand Rapids market is still very hot and very busy – and if you do not want to be flooded with the “lookers” in the spring and get only serious buyers who are ready to own your home – call us now – as this may be the very best time for you list your home.

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