How to interview a Real Estate agent

Dated: November 22 2019

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How to interview a Real Estate agent 


You are thinking of buying or selling a home and now it’s time to find your agent - contracts! 


I am guessing you know to ask the common questions 


How much do you charge 

How will you market my property 

How many home have you sold in the last year

How well do you know my neighborhood 


However here are some tips you may not thought of.


  1. Search for your Realtor on line - do they have a strong online presence and what is it saying? In today’s world a strong online presence is essential, especially in my area where relocation is great. More importantly, how is their online presence perceived? Be a stalker! Look for them online, look for their fb page, their linkedin page - google their name, what comes up? 

  2. Most people interview a listing agent - rarely do I see people interview their buyer's agent. You need to interview no matter the role - have a list of questions ready so you are sure to compare apple to apples - do not be afraid to follow up with a call to ask more questions.

  3. Dig deep - ask for referrals and ask if you can ask those referral’s for another referral. Lets face it - if they are giving you a name to call, those will all be great referrals, you want to dig deeper than this - so going a bit deeper; a little further removed will help you see the true picture. 

  4. What are their hours of operation - then test it! You may want to test this before the initial call for an interview - make a call/email/text (whichever form of communication is important to you)  about one of their listed properties, how long did it take for them to get back to you - how well did they represent the property, ask for them to follow up, how long did it take? 

  5. If you are a busy person and would like everything electronically sent to you how well can your agent do this? If you are not a techie person and still like “old school” how well will your agent be able to adapt to your style. 


Remember the agent works for you - 


Every agent runs their business differently and I am not saying one is better than the other, rather one will be better for YOU then the others. Just because your friend or family member liked a certain person, does not mean they will work well for you.  I have yet to meet a person with the exact same needs of another. Call the referral, but call others too, at the very least it will confirm that the referral was the best choice. 

Questions for brokerages (besides the norm)  -

 how do they handle floor calls from your listings or any kind of lead? Does it always go to you?  How do you get paid and how ling does it take from time of lose - other the the normal paperwork what other disclosures and paperwork do you have buyer and seller sign? What happens with he broker/admin fee do you get. A cut of that? Is there cold leads coming into the office and how to they handle disbursement is there a referral fee paid? What are office hours - how does the main phone get answered when after hours. Are you able to use conference rooms and how available are they? An you use office after hours - can you use your current signs?

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