Desirability VS increasing Value

Dated: November 22 2019

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Desirability VS increasing Value - 

Many of you are using the winter months to get your home ready to put on the market in the spring. The Gordon Group GR has had many appointments working with homeowners doing just this.  It’s probably one of our favorite things to do. 

There are 2 categories in my mind

  1. Desirability 
  2. Increasing value 

Renovations that will increase value are ALMOST always a great thing to do.  I said ALMOST.  To treat this as a business investment, you do not want to over-improve. We already know that most renovations,  you will only get a portion back from your investment - however, some of them may be essential, as the area for which you are selling mandates it for a top-selling price. 

However, do not confuse this with desirability 

I feel changes to make your home more desirable is the way to look at this project. In this ever-changing market there are 2 things that have not changed, Location and Pretty. 

Making your home more desirable than others that you may be competing with is key.  If you are waiting till spring to list your home, your competition with other listings will be greater.  So realistically ask yourself why would your home be more desirable than the others? Sometimes having this honest conversation with yourself is not the best way to go. It's hard to give ourselves the pep talk we need. 

When comparing your home to others that have sold or are listed in your area, you need to see what they offer,  other the bedroom count or square footage. 

This is where your Realtor’s expertise will come into play. When we send out “comps” we send a link with all the pictures of the home - or will print them for your review. We discuss what we can do to stand out from the others. 

There is so much more that goes into a price opinion, and sometimes it does not matter how cheap the home is if it’s not desirable. 

Call us today for your home desirability consultation - we would love to help! 

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